Explore emotions & your authentic self. Empower yourself.

Counselling. Psychotherapy. Mindfulness.

Awareness that feeds change

There are moments in everyone’s life when things feel overwhelming. This can include times of major change such as loss, divorce, trauma and parenthood. 


There are times in our lives when we feel the weight of depression, anxiety, trauma,  and exhaustion. We can have these feelings in relation to our private lives or careers.


It is what we decide to do in these times of challenge that has the power to impact our life in a transformative way. 


When we find the space to explore our emotions and find our authentic self, we become aware of things we couldn’t see before. This awareness allows us to nurture ourselves in a way that brings growth, fulfils our needs and brings joy to our lives.

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Counselling, therapy & mindfulness for you

Natalie specialises in helping people who feel like they are not coping, welcoming them into her warm, homely practice and helping them to find the self-compassion needed to rebalance their lives. 


Whether providing individual counselling or psychotherapy services, relationship counselling or wellbeing and counselling programs in hospitals and the workplace, Natalie’s integrative style adapts to the needs of the client and situation. 

While Natalie's integrative therapeutic approach makes her unique, it is her warmth that her clients never forget. Sitting on the couch of Natalie’s authentically warm practice, with a purring cat at your feet, it’s easy to feel connected, comfortable and ready to make changes. 

Counsellor,Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Coach

Natalie Harman knows the transformative power of counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness practice. She’s experienced it first-hand.

It was a catalyst to her years of training in counselling, psychotherapy mindfulness and meditation.

Today, she interweaves her experience and qualifications into a unique and integrative approach to wellness that is driven solely by each individual’s story and needs.


She works hard to ensure her clients feel completely secure thanks to a nurturing, warm and purposeful therapeutic connection. She works with the body and mind together for total wellbeing.

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"I have someone I can talk to in a safe and non-judgemental space, which in itself is so healing and transformative. Her energy is calming. She is different to any therapist I have seen before. She is amazing."

Anonymous Client