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The space to
know yourself

The awareness and self-compassion to create change

Becoming Mindful focuses on helping people to overcome the sense of overwhelm that can surround them following major life changes, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, trauma, parenting and relationships. 


Natalie’s specific areas of focus include counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples, and staff psychological and emotional wellbeing programs and mindfulness programs.

Integrative, client-centric therapy for wellbeing

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Individual Counselling

& Psychotherapy

Individual Counselling

& Psychotherapy

Give yourself space to understand anxiety, depression, exhaustion,

trauma and major life changes

before developing the personal tools

to build wellbeing, empowerment

and happiness.

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Work together to stop negative patterns and move forward from hurt. Build connection, trusty, intimacy and understanding through empathic and kind communication. Every couple’s journey is unique. But the destination is contentment and fulfilment.

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Workplace Wellbeing and Culture Transformation

The workplace is where many of us spend the most time. Acknowledge and address stress and burnout using practical wellbeing skills that manage the negative, and build kindness, fulfilment and joy. 

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"I came to see Natalie to address a specific issue. I have chosen to continue therapy with her as I'm getting so much value out of our sessions. 


Natalie's client centric approach and expertise in a number of therapeutic models has felt welcoming and has contributed positively to my healing journey."

Anonymous Client

Gain the awareness needed to create real change