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Individual counselling & psychotherapy 

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Emotional regulation

Fulfilment and joy 


Psychotherapy provides a precious opportunity for clients to gain awareness of their current self. From awareness, empowerment and change arises.

I work from an integrated, trauma-informed, somatic and holistic perspective. I strive for authenticity, and provide a nurturing, purposeful and mindful therapeutic connection with my clients, providing a safe space for clients to explore and process their  emotions and experiences, ultimately uncovering their authentic and empowered self. 

I work with individuals experiencing the following:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • exhaustion and burnout

  • a sense of emptiness and loss

  • bereavement and grief

  • trauma, PTSD and complex trauma

  • difficulties coping with life stressors and major life changes such as migration, retirement or parenthood

  • relationship problems

  • a longing for connection

  • feeling flat and lifeless

My  practice is located in Strathfield, NSW. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available.

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Relationship Counselling 

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Empathic, kind communication

Is your relationship  is stuck in negative conflict patterns, perhaps fuelled by current and/or past hurts that just don’t seem to be going away?

Would you like to build new, more positive ways of dealing with these hurts and move from stuck to unstuck?

If so,  I can help you achieve a happy, nurturing and connecting relationship, no matter how deep the hurts and conflict run, even if these issues include trauma, infidelity, and addictions. 

I have completed level-2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy which has  40-years of evidence-based research behind it. 

Becoming Mindful for Parents


Embracing change

Being present
Living kindly 
Responding not reacting

Natalie and Andrew Harman are parents to three young boys, and understand and empathise with the challenges, stressors and joy associated with parenting young children in a relentlessly fast and demanding society.

With no extended family support, and working and studying in an endlessly expensive city, mindfulness, meditation and living a life filled with kindness to ourselves and others, have been the pivotal practices which have grounded us. We are able to accept and embrace the range of experiences that parenting delivers; those tremendously heartening highs, those profoundly painful lows, the immense and bewildering changes, and the tiresome monotony that parenting and living brings.

With over thirty years of mindfulness and meditation practice between us, Becoming Mindful has devised, and is now delivering mindfulness and meditation programs for mothers and fathers. By enrolling in to one of our Becoming Mindful for Mothers or Becoming Mindful for Fathers programs, you will learn how to practise mindfulness, self-nurturing, and loving-kindness. You will become more responsive and less reactive in your parenting. You will embrace being present, and be calmer, less stressed and more fulfilled.

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Next program starts in October 2019

Becoming Mindful in Hospitals and the Workplace

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Acknowledging, addressing and reducing stress in the workplace

Creating a mindful, compassionate, joyful and productive workplace

Becoming Mindful is currently working with healthcare professionals in major Sydney teaching hospitals. We are teaching doctors, nurses and midwives, practical skills to reduce their stress, anxiety, depression, and to cope with the significant levels of trauma and burnout they experience.


Furthermore, Becoming Mindful emphasises the importance of kindness and compassion within the workplace and teaches effective, realistic strategies to foster individual, group and departmental harmony, with the view that happy staff makes for happy patients and a more productive, effective and fulfilled working environment.


Becoming Mindful tailors programs to fit with your workplace’s specific needs and works across all industries. Natalie Harman has a long-standing career history in the corporate sector as a performance coach and therefore understands the need for effective productivity in the workplace. 


 Programs may be fixed-term, structured or more ongoing and informal, depending on your needs.


Fees vary according to requirements.


If you feel your workplace would benefit from a Becoming Mindful program, please email

General mindfulness and meditation programs/classes


Awareness, self-care and kindness to yourself and others

Becoming Mindful is available to facilitate bespoke mindfulness programs one-to-one, or for couples, small or larger groups.

Fees vary according to group size and requirements

Please email to discuss your needs