What My Clients Are Saying

I have gained knowledge about the concept of mindfulness and meditation. I have developed a meta-awareness of myself. I feel I am more conscious of how I react and respond - one of the most valuable aspects of the course. 

I enjoyed the social aspects of the program, conversing and sharing with like-minded individuals is healing in itself. 

Becoming Mindful for Mothers is absolutely the best thing I have done for ME in a long time.

I have learned to not let my thoughts consume my life. I am more present and live in the moment, for the most part.

I enjoyed being with a group of great ladies, sharing my stories, my thoughts, my worries, and to know I wasn't alone in the way I was thinking.


Becoming Mindful for Mothers has been one of the best things I have done for myself since having children.


Over the course, I have generally noticed I am happier, more capable of working through difficult feelings and I have started a process of re-connecting with a broader range of feelings. I hadn't realised how limited my emotional range had become. I enjoyed all of it!


I am less reactive. I am present in the moment more often (this is still a work in progress).

Although I am not meditating every day, I am practising mindfulness in action much more regularly. In fact, before the course, I had never practised it!

I am slowing down, I am more aware of my breath, and my feelings.


Becoming Mindful for Mothers has given me a focus each week, entirely away from all other commitments. It has embargoed the time within the family unit as 'me' time. It has given me a place to process aspects of the last few years.


I am much, much calmer.


I particularly enjoyed the circle aspect of a longer series of weekly meetings and paying loving attention to myself and my parenting.


I would go as far as saying Becoming Mindful for Mothers has been life-changing.

It has helped me to cope with every day life stressors. I am calmer with the kids, and I am finding things easier with them.


I have noticed that I constantly think of mindfulness in my day to day life. It has let me take a step back in stressful situations and not get too worked up. I look forward to this continuing. 

I have also unexpectedly felt a sense of friendship and community on Wednesday nights, which I will miss. 


Thank you so much Natalie for your energy and time facilitating my team through mindfulness and meditation. The results have been fantastic.


The team talk to each other about managing challenging situations and their advice to each other is now including preparing beforehand with meditation and mindfulness strategies. 


The culture within the team has shifted in a positive direction. We have learnt some very helpful techniques in self-care.

My team are very grateful for the time invested in learning the art of Mindfulness. I have recommended you highly to my other manager colleagues.


The investment in staff is truly worth it.


Thank you once again.

Julie Swain (Midwifery Nurse Operations Manager at a major teaching hospital)

I have enjoyed the time Becoming Mindful in the Workplace has provided for me to relax and focus on myself. I now feel I have the tools necessary for me to cease my anti-anxiety medication

Anonymous (midwife)

I have noticed my anxiety has decreased and overall I am feeling more relaxed. I also find I am reacting less. 


I have become more aware, present and calm. I have dramatically reduced time on my phone and started being more mindful of surroundings etc. I have become calmer and really been using my breath to help me to respond and not react. 

I enjoyed that it was tailored to mothers and realistic for mothers. I enjoyed talking amongst the group and hearing others stories and experiences. And I loved Natalie. 


I have definitely found that I'm able to 'control' my thought chains a lot better than I was before and I am able to respond more with my children, rather than reacting, although that's still a work in progress! I loved how all our thoughts and feelings were validated - there was no judgement - and the tools we learnt were simple and easy to implement. Sometimes just the awareness of how to approach things was all it took. 



I am enjoying and being mindful of my surroundings and nature. I have better concentration - less tempted to switch from task to task. I I am interrupted, I can refocus easily. When I meditate, I respond more than I react. If I react, I recover more quickly. 

I am appreciating little things more often. I am taking the time to breathe and not text. I enjoyed the meditations and sharing experiences.