Real. Warm.


A toolbox of psychotherapies & mindfulness practice

Not so long ago, Natalie couldn’t imagine being a mother of three boys and offering integrative psychotherapy from her practice in Sydney’s inner west. 


Immersed in the hectic world of pharmaceuticals in London, she experienced a career that never felt quite right and was negatively impacting her relationship with self and with others. 


She sought the help of therapy and for the first time gave herself the space to reflect, be heard and truly understand who she was. 


She was surprised by how truly empowering it was. How recognising her own needs and being able to communicate them gave her the confidence to make practical changes to build a better life. 


After studying in both England and Australia, Natalie is now a clinically accredited counsellor and psychotherapist, as well as a mindfulness and meditation practitioner.  


She has an unrelenting drive to continuously learn and grow. She also recognises that there is no one way, no one solution that fits everyone. So, she creates a therapy experience that is completely unique. 


First, she provides a warm and nurturing space in her practice.

Secondly, she allows her clients and their specific situation and needs to dictate which psychotherapeutic approaches are needed at that particular time. 

Natalie can seamlessly unite cognitive behavioural therapy that focuses on how we think about emotions together with mindfulness and somatic-based practices that focus on how our body physically feels with these emotions. 

This dual approach of targeting emotions in thought and in the body provides her clients with not only awareness but also practical actions that can transform their life.