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"Since starting psychotherapy sessions with Natalie, I have had the opportunity to recognise things I have struggled with all my life. Natalie has helped me to not only acknowledge these things but to stop and be with these painful experiences and emotions. As a result, I am able to think before I act and feel so much more emotionally regulated and content."

—  Anonymous client

Integrated therapy

for real change

Natalie’s style of therapy is unique. She creates incredible warmth through her homely practice and natural nurturing style. Then draws on the power of a variety of counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches, giving  each client their own space to explore emotions and find self-compassion. 


Learn about aspects of yourself that you weren’t aware of, and learn to accept aspects of self. Then build the practical skills required to regulate your emotions, and to grow and build a life of fulfilment and joy. 

Natalie’s integrative therapy style can assist with

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Stress and exhaustion

  • Trauma and loss

  • Major life changes


Let’s discuss the right fit for you